Friday, 23 August 2013

What is that? New products!!!

August and September are devoted to research and development here at Fafu Reykjavik. It is the best time to be creative! For me most of August is chaotic and really easy going. The children are on holiday so the mornings are quiet and easy but come noon the house is filled up with friends and play and lots of energy!

If you bring your children up to run their own life this will not be a problem. They will go on their own journeys and play outside and at friends houses leaving you with lots of time to daydream, read books and research the concept of this new product - that you honestly have no idea what will be!

This fall I am thinking about sensory play, babies, natural resources, mathematical concepts and quality craftsmanship.   

This morning was the first day of school so I can move on to more serious prototyping and focused work. I will be able to take all the drawings and poorly made prototypes and make some better ones that can be tested and produced. That bit is a lot more thrilling than the conceptual work, but completely dependent on that happening first!

So get ready for lots of blogs with pictures of things happening......the first one being...

Wooly! He is a frisky set of felted blocks. Originally Wooly was suppose to be a part of a bigger baby sensory pack. With silk pompoms and hand carved rounded shapes (wood). He might still be - but I think he also does well on his own. The texture is great and babies can chew on him because he is all natural. They will smell the sheep (for the first few weeks). They can build with him and throw him around and fill up a box of Woolies and empty it and fill it up again....

He also makes an excellent lose part for outdoor play when the child grows. Pretending to be fairies or other small woodland friends! 

What do you think? Should Wooly move on to testing?

- Hulda  


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!!!! -Lesley

  2. Oh these are gorgeous, so tactile I bet! You are clever!

  3. definitely move on to testing - how do they stack? AND I bet the felting will make them quiet when they crash down, so great for sttings to use as the children wake up and can play quietly without disturbing the sleep of others as their blocks crash...

    how about cleaning... as some places need to have strict cleaning regulations...

    sometimes I wonder about a slightly 8 shapped block (old fashioned cola bottle shapish) to allow smaller hands to grip blocks a little easier - and how would that shape effect how children build?

    LOVE these...