Friday, 20 December 2013

Spend TIME, not money on children this holiday

Our X-mas countdown continues!!!
The most important part of early childhood is connecting and building relationships with caregivers, siblings and friends. It enables the child to discover its own identity, skills and passions in a supportive environment. It will help her to understand the world around her as well as building her confidence and empathy. Maintaining and building a strong bond with your child is the best way to support her mental health in the future.
So please, spend time with your child this holiday. Happiness can only be realized, not bought.
To begin with, remember to SLOW DOWN. Be realistic in what you “need” to get done. Keep calm and enjoy your family.
Idea number two is up....

2# Read LONG books together

Reading is a relaxing way to bond with your child. It will also support early literacy while still staying fun and comforting. If you haven’t tried reading long books (with no pictures!) with your children you really should! Find a good one that will last you all through the holidays. It will build memories and connect your time together in one story. Your child will remember this year as “the year we read Pippi Longstocking” or “the year we read The Brothers Lionheart” and reading anything by Astrid Lindgren will make that holiday even more special!
Other good classic like Harry Potter, Oliver Twist, The little Prince, Peter Pan will also be great. You could even dust off some old ones you enjoyed when you were younger. We especially enjoy when I recite the characters and give them different voices. It really brings the story to life!
Little Virgil - packed with amazing characters
I haven't started reading this years book (still deciding!), but we are warming up with another one, an old favorite that I used to read as a child. Its only 94 pages in 7 chapters with fairly big letters and a few pictures (ideal for 7-9 year old children to read themselves) so it is easily manageable while still preparing for the holiday. Little Virgil really needs to be translated to English (I cant find it??) it is hilarious! Just what you need as a family after a long day trying to get everything ready (yes, with sibling rows and exhausting trips to the shops!).


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