Saturday, 21 December 2013

Spend TIME, not money on children this holiday

Our X-mas countdown continues!
The most important part of early childhood is connecting and building relationships with caregivers, siblings and friends. It enables the child to discover its own identity, skills and passions in a supportive environment. It will help her to understand the world around her as well as building her confidence and empathy. Maintaining and building a strong bond with your child is the best way to support her mental health in the future.
So please, spend time with your child this holiday. Happiness can only be realized, not bought.
Time spending idea number three is.......

3# Fix the world together
Sounds dramatic! But when you invest time in fixing small things in your environment or community you really are fixing a tiny bit of the world. It all adds up.
Fixing broken appliances or toys is a great adventure! You might not be able to fix it, but contemplating about it and understanding why it broke is a good way to bond with your child as well as teaching her that things can be fixed. 
It is that thought process that is sadly becoming rare in our disposable society. It is so important for children to develop it and learn to apply it to their life. Not just for their belongings, but also for their relationships and the obstacles that they will face in their life.

I would also recommend collecting broken things from relatives and offering “fixing” as a play resource. This might not work for toddlers but children from about 4 will enjoy it. You never know what moments will spark your child’s passion for life!

You can also apply this to less tangible concepts and fix other ideas or situations that the world has created. It might be cleaning up trash from the streets, visit a neighbor that seems lonely, bring food to a local animal shelter or anything you can think of. Small ideas like that become magical when you share them with children. Their empathy is so real and true. 

Our very on Tom Shea is a part of a group that organizes a BIG Christmas party for the elderly that live alone and don't have a family taking care of them. This year they got the Ritz to donate decorations and artists to come and entertain. It just takes a tiny effort from all of us and the world will be fixed!


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