Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Life is wobbly

Our first Nepal made prototypes of the Elves Bricks are here and have now been tested for a few weeks at Child First, Moulton

They are really tactile, natural and different. The babies seem to enjoy them a lot!

They come with the same promises as any other set of blocks would......but then when you start using them you realize that they are completely different.

They are wobbly.

They are furry.

They don't stack well. And it is confusing because they are blocks and that seems to be what blocks are for!

But are they really?

When you think about it you realize that wobbly blocks actually offer a lot more learning opportunities than the average dependable block. You have to really look at the shape, find the best side, balance it off with another one and mix it up with other "loose parts" to make sense of it all.

We might just have to put a tagline on this product, "Elves Bricks, - because life is wobbly" :)