Monday, 12 May 2014


Children are influenced and moulded by the society we live in.  When a child is greedy – they learnt it from us.  When a child swears – they learnt it from us.  When they are spiteful – they learnt it from us. Children grow into big people – and pass it on

As Fafunia begins to become revealed, and we discover and uncover the answer to more mysteries, we would like to begin to create, with you, the ideal society where we can all live honestly and respectfully.

It would be lovely to find a place where nobody looked for, or exploited, loopholes.  So perhaps Fafunia could begin to develop a sewing machine for loopholes – so that there were none.

That way, when something wonderful happened nobody would be looking for the ways to make or save money on it.  When we came up with a solution to a problem or issue, no one would put up the objection that it could be used detrimentally. Greedy and malicious people would no longer be able to spoil it for everyone else..

Maybe an honesty serum – where you would actually be encouraged to say “we provide quite nice pre-prepared food” rather than “Great Home Cooked Food Served Here”?

Shops would have to say (much as the way that tobacco now carries un-health information) “this tee shirt costs £1 because we can buy them for 30p from importers who pay the manufacturer 15p who in turn pay their workers 2p per tee shirt”

Job descriptions will become “do what is right and reasonable” – contracts will be a hand shake rather than a shaky hand...

Tom Shea..Fafunian