Monday, 4 November 2013

The Magic of Tracing Paper!

Last week my 9 year old son told me he really needed some blue magic paper. 

I wasn't really sure what he meant until he described what they had been doing in his art class at school. Recreating complex images with tracing paper!

So I went out and bought 5 sheets for about 1,5 GBP - very affordable. It might even be cheaper in bigger stores, I just went to my local art supply store. 

It has been really interesting watching my 7 and 9 year old children working with it. It really lights their fire. They work for hours trying to get the perfect trace done. They have done about 10 hours work in 3 days now. Completely focused, completely invested.

And there have been moments of them tearing up (the paper) and tearing up from frustration! It is SO difficult to get the papers to match again once you've separated them (I try not to interfere/help). And it is SO difficult to work so hard and get a disappointing result. 

But it is the most amazing way for developing both finer motor skills for writing as well as being a good exercise in concentration and patience. And what an amazing feeling when they finally get it right!

Such a genuine admiration for themselves and each other! Such a personal accomplishment for a young child.  

Try it out! It is perfect for cold winter nights :)



  1. I reminder doing this as a child! Such a great experience. My 5 year old son is going through a perfectionist stage with his art, so I should probably wait for now! Seven and nine seem like the perfect age.

  2. we are using baking paper to trace images and then turn over the paper onto an blank sheet of paper and rub the pencil marks from the baking paper onto the blank paper! And yes, there can be moments of frustration when the baking paper moves - but the transparency of the baking paper (the white kind) allows the opportunity to reallign again!

    I used baking paper and the blue office stuff as a child - had totally fogotten about the blue inkpaper - will have to see if I can find some here... I am sure my children will like it too!