Thursday, 16 January 2014

We Need All Kinds Of Skills

We all need skills... and the more creative the better.

With the growing emphasis on reading and writing I just wanted to bring us back to where creativity and imagination comes from.  We have been looking and working and thinking about creativity.

We have introduced at Childs First Nursery a place where children can come and ‘make’, ‘create’, ‘watch’ and do... We call it the Studio and we have a Netty – who is an artist and childcare person – well on her way to pedagogy. The Studio offers endless possibilities for children to build real skills as well as developing their imagination for life.

Then we also have our New Factory, where fafu now lives with some elegant machines that saw and plane and sand and drill and edge and polish and stuff. Combine that with a whole bunch of wood – all from sustainable sources or recycled and a spray booth and buckets of wood dye (excuse the blue fingers) and invite people in and their creative hopes and dreams can rapidly become creative realities.

I am rapidly growing an even stronger belief that we need to offer creativity as part of our curriculum and give children the skills and knowledge that can turn dream into reality as well as providing learning opportunities that create skills and interests way beyond reading and writing..

If you become really motivated – you will want to read more about wood or write notes about creating or understand geometry and physics... and all from being allowed to create...

Watch out for Fafu in the New Factory and lots of ideas and hopes and aspirations.

Tom Shea


  1. Hear, hear! Grow imagination! Wishing you grand, both imaginary and real, adventures in 2014!

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