Thursday, 5 June 2014

Creating Transformable Play Spaces!

Fafunia is transforming everything we do these days. 

One of our core ethos is to meet the child and her environment as it is in that moment. We have there for launched something that is not a catalogue - but an invitation for a dialogue as we enjoy and build all of our product development on working with parents, teachers, nursery practitioners and other caregivers that respect and understand children.

This is becoming the compass for our work - making open ended resources and creating flexible play spaces for settings and homes. As well as making costumes and toys we want to make more furniture and play structures that cater to the needs of children and adults and support homes and settings that have limited amounts of space. 

We will in the next few months keep developing new products and add to our current systems. Your input would be highly appreciated! Just drop us a line.  

Our Fafunian Convertible Play Castle is one of our current products created through this process. A play structure that you can change and adapt as time and space allow, take outside or even move easily from one building to another. 

Here is a better explanation on what it does: 

And a video that proves how easy it is!! Just watch out for that clock at the bottom. It really takes just over 3 minutes to pack away!


  1. Best of luck with all your new creations & lovely to see you both again in a video.

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